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ACL Reconstruction in Lucknow

To restore the function of the knee after an injury, ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction is done, in which, a graft is inserted in the knee after the successful removal of torn ligament.  Radius Joints Surgery Hospital is a trusted place among the people suffering from various kinds of joint problems. We have successfully done ACL reconstruction in Lucknow many times and are helping people to feel better about their knee pain.

In reality, ACL injuries are some of the most common type of injuries reported that involves discontinuity of the fiber. ACL can be simply caused by twisting the knee or injury.

There are three sources of replacement material developed by the medical science to be used for ACL reconstruction: Autografts, Allografts, and Bridge-enhanced ACL repair.

There is a lot of misconception among people that ACL heals itself with time. That’s a big myth that often the majority of people live with and scurry to their pains without bothering to visit an expert orthopedic that can examine their medical condition and help them to get relief.

When an ACL is completely ruptured and the ligament is not functioning, the best way left for an expert orthopedic surgeon is to create a new ligament. In some cases, only a partial damage in ACL part is done, which can be treated using non-surgical methods.

When the ligament is ruptured, then either the patient’s knee tissue or donor’s knee tissue is used to reconstructing the new ligament. The surgery is done using the arthroscopic technique to clearly see inside the knee via a camera placed at the tip of the tube that inserted after small incision at the affected area.

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