The department of orthopedics deals with the problems of muscular skeletal system. We aim to provide world class services from our side in all the domains of orthopedic surgeries.

Facilities and services:

In the department of orthopedics, we cater services concerned with spinal disorder, sports injuries, musculoskeletal and many more under one roof.

Experts to deal with:

To maintain the trust of our associated peoples we always make sure to get the treatments done by the expert for best results.

Pain Clinic

Millions of people across the country deal with the chronic body pain everyday and to give them relief is to an extent our cup of tea. With our specialized team, we boost people to live an active life managing their pain.

Our Concerned areas:

At our doorstep we involve our therapists to follow different strategies and fade off the pain of the people. With well defined pain management plans,   we cure our patients for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Physical Approach:

With mediation and rehabilitation techniques we help our patients to get the best ever treatment via exercises and therapies while understanding the need of patient.

Rheumatology Clinic

Under this category we deal with rheumatic diseases and arthritis. We are well contented with the availability of specialized treatment via testing and investigations.

Our specialties:

Our specialists are the leaders in their fields of rheumatology. With proper diagnosis we deal with our patients to avoid any hindrance in their daily activities.

Our treatment theory:

We make sure to treat our patients the best medication via physiotherapy for rheumatological disorders.


Beside all this major treatments we also deal with the therapies and nursing for some very common divisions of illness that include the physiological diseases.


Deficiencies many times land a person to a serious trouble. Dealing it with proper treatment and prescriptions proves helpful get the disease aside.


With the help of long lasting effective medications, the diseases can be cured eventually with vitamins supplements and expert’s advice.