Our Facilities

With the team of experts we provide world class facilities for the best output results in the field of joint surgeries.


Painless Surgery, Early Ambulation and Recovery:

Due to good anesthesia techniques and excellent surgical skills are able to provide almost painless surgery and patient is made to walk on the same day in most of the cases, even after major surgeries like knee replacement.

Under the umbrella of experts:

Being a know name for our facilities we never compromise with our outstanding quality. We always make sure to provide best expert treatment and advice for every patient. This encourages positive results in every genre of medication.

Super Specialty Orthopedics

The best available computerized C-Arm, X-ray unit. We have the most advanced and the latest Arthroscopy instrument with computer control high definition image management system from Germany. A complete unit of imported Pneumatic Drill for all types of orthopedic work. Besides, these equipment we have huge list of imported general surgical instruments.

Super Specialty for joint replacement, reconstruction and arthroscopic surgery. Experience of more than 3500 joint surgeries including:

  • Custom made patient specific joint replacements
  • Primary and revision total knee replacements
  • Primary and revision total hip replacements
  • Unicondylar replacement
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Shoulder replacements
  • Elbow replacements
  • Reconstruction of ligament instability
  • Reconstruction of ace tabular fractures
  • Reconstruction of Tibial platue fractures
  • Shoulder Reconstruction
  • Joint Reconstruction after tumour resection

Experience more than 2500 Arthroscopic Surgeris of knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow and hip.

  • Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopic Meniscus repair, synovectomy, meniscectomy
  • Arthroscopic Mobilisation of Stiff Joints
  • Arthroscopic controlled fracture reduction and reconstruction of joint surface
  • Arthroscopic condroplasty debridement and loose body removal
  • Arthroscopic cartilage transplant
  • Arthroscopic shoulder stabilization and repair

Super Speciality Orthopedics

With the latest available surgical instruments, we deal with more than thousands of arthroscopic and joint surgeries.

General Facilities

For the convenience we make sure to offer complementary services to all so there must not be any place for nuisance or worries.

General Facilities:

  • Easily Approachable
  • Ample Parking Area
  • Centralized A.C.
  • H.R.V. Units on all floors and rooms for clean air circulation which decreases infection rate and suffocation
  • Bed side panel in each room with central oxygen supply and suction including general ward and semi private rooms
  • Clean hygienic food to all admitted patients, free of cost.


  • Soothing ambience
  • Fully sterile dressing room
  • Well furnished comfortable guest room
  • Well-trained counsellors for pre operating counselling

Private Rooms:

Good ambience and facilitated with

  • Well-furnished room
  • Refrigerator
  • LED T.V.
  • Geyser
  • Microwave
  • Electric Kettle

Pre Op Room:

  • Facility of pre op room is available


  • Most advanced international standard 2 modular O.T.’s
  • Fully equipped with replacement and arthroscopy surgeries
  • The modular O.T.’s have laminar flow with hepa (bacterial) filters
  • Hermetically sealed automatic doors

Septic O.T.:

  • Separate O.T. for infected patients available


  • 100 m.a. X-ray with fluroscopy
  • 500 m.a. X-ray
  • Portable digital X-ray


  • Haematology and Bio chemistry
  • Hispathology
  • Bone Marrow
  • F.N.A.C.
  • Allergy Testing
  • Microbiolgy


An ambulance equipped with life saving resuscitation equipment available round the clock.


We are proud to offer our own in house physiotherapy services, specialized in orthopedics and sports injury. It’s equipped with latest modalities.

Having our own physiotherapy program helps our patients in many ways with the ultimate goal being faster and recovery from their orthopedic problem. Our physiotherapists have many years of experience and have worked with our patients counter times. Our physiotherapy plan:-

  • Start physiotherapy post operatively an early as possible.
  • Constant quality control and improvement.
  • Better oversight over the entire rehabilitation.
  • Direct link between ortho surgeon and patient.
  • Same physiotherapist follow the patient at home, hence better results.

Here you will get all kind of Physiotherapy treatment (Ortho, Neuron, Cardio and Paediatric etc) by very specialized and qualified Physiotherapists with more than 9 years experience.

Well equipped electrotherapy sessions with following modalities:

  • Short wave diathermy (S.W.D.)
  • Traction (Cervical and Lumbar)
  • Ultrasonic Therapy
  • Hydrocollator Hot Packs
  • Muscle Stimulator
  • Continuous Passive Motion (C.P.M.)

Well maintained space for exercise therapy with:

  • Quadriceps Table
  • Shoulder Wheel
  • T-Pully
  • Static Cycle
  • Pronator / Supinator Exercises
  • Finger Exercises

Specialized Physiotherapy treatment for:

  • Joint Replacement (Total knee, Hip and Shoulder replacement etc)
  • Peri Arthritis (Frozen Shoulder, Soft Tissue Injury)
  • Post Traumatic Physiotherapy (Post fracture or Injury)
  • Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy (C.p.), D.M.D. etc
  • Cardio Training (Counselling and Consultation)
  • Spondylitis (Cervical and Lumbar)
  • Deformities (Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Lordosis etc)
  • Weight Loss (Counselling and Consultation)


Understanding the importance of Physiotherapy, we provide this facility to deal with various injuries, illness and even surgeries for positive and noteworthy results.