Hip, Shoulder Replacement Surgeons in Lucknow

Hip, Shoulder Replacement Surgeons in Lucknow | Radius Hospital

Radius Joint Surgery hospital is a famous hospital situated in the beautiful city of Lucknow. We have few of the best hip, shoulder replacement surgeons in Lucknow that are currently working in this field. The methods and equipment used by our surgeons are modern and proven. We have an impeccable success rate in performing surgeries. If you want any advice or have any question regarding the surgeries and it procedure, then our team of experts will gladly help you. You just have to visit our premises and rest will be taken care of by our staff.

People generally have a lot of misconceptions about joint replacement surgeries and most of them hold no relation to the surgical procedure itself. Joint replacement surgery is a surgery when a damaged joint of a person due to trauma or arthritis is replaced with an artificial joint. So, here we would like to clarify few general doubts that are widely popular. First, the techniques that are used these days are very advanced, so, they have very high success rate and also a very comfortable procedure for a person.

A joint of bones is nothing, but a thick tissue that connects two or more bones. So, when the tissue gets damaged due to an injury or a disease then it stiffens and hence causes a lot of pain to a person. The surgery further can be described in two parts. When only small part of the joint or tissue is damaged then the surgeon may be able to repair that part. But when entire tissue gets damaged, then he has to remove the entire joint.

We also take care of the hygiene of the hospital, its rooms, and equipment. We have a dedicated nursing staff, which will attend you through the entirety of your stay. The staff is well trained and is well informed about the recovery process and hurdles a person may face during it.