Joint, Knee Replacement Surgery Hospital in Lucknow

If you are suffering from knee problem or any other problem then you should pay a visit to Radius Joint Surgery hospital, which specializes in Joint, Knee Replacement Surgery hospital in Lucknow. We have a team of experts that are highly skilled and vastly experienced in their respective fields. We possess all the latest and best technologies and equipment that market has on offer. Our success rate is very high when it comes to performing surgeries. At Radius Joint Surgery hospital our main aim is to provide world class facilities and health care to our patients.

Joint, Knee Replacement Surgery in Lucknow | Radius Hospital

Our team of highly working professionals works day and night with the aim of setting the benchmark in the field of health care system. We take our responsibilities very sincerely and treat each patient on individual cases. As we know that different person’s bodies may react differently to same procedure when applied. We try and better ourselves each day so as to give patients the best possible results and a positive stay at the hospital.

If you are suffering from any joint pains, be it from any sports activity or from a disease, then you should consult an expert, and if needed, operate it as soon as possible. The joint replacement brings a huge amount of relief to the suffering patients. In this surgery, the damaged tissue which holds two or bones is replaced with artificial joints. The man made tissue part is made of plastic and metal parts which replace the damaged and concerned tissue under operation.

The methods we used are advanced and barely cause any discomfort to the patients during recovery. In this surgery, our doctors do not cut out the entire joint, but they have the worn surfaces using special instruments. It causes less opening of the body hence reduces the after surgery discomfort. Metal pieces replace the bony surfaces and plastic acts as the cartilage spacers in our joints.