Joint Pain, Sports Injury Treatment in Lucknow

Sports Injury is a common joint problem, which affects a lot of people playing sports or doing any physical activity. Radius Joint Hospital in Lucknow is a reputed place for joint pain, sports injury treatment in Lucknow as we have some of best minds working under one roof.

Joint Pain, Sports Injury Treatment in Lucknow

Over the years, we have assisted countless people in finding relief from their sports injury and is continuously offering our selfless medical care to people suffering from various kinds of joint pains.

In the modern world, our hectic lifestyle and long-hours sitting at workplaces have brought many types of joint problem to the people. A lot of people are complaining to have one or other type of joint problem and are on a quest to find an expert orthopedic surgeon who can help them to find relief.

Common Symptoms of Joint Pains

Joint pains can be easily be recognized if a person is well aware of the symptoms: swelling, stiffness, redness, and restriction in a movement.  These are some of the common problems that are easily understandable for the person going through it.

Treating Joint Pain

 The anti-inflammatory medicine works really well in mild conditions, but when it gets worse, then an expert orthopedic surgeon is needed to critically examine the affected part and do the necessary medical tests, X-rays, MIR, and CT scan to understand the condition better.

Joint Pains that are often caused by an infection are treated with mild medication and with a course of physiotherapy. The process is followed to build up the strength in the joint so the person can move better without bearing any pain during the joint movement.


How to Prevent Joint Pain, Sports Injury

A combination of healthy diet and good exercise can help you eliminate such kind of pains and keep you healthy. If you are a sports person or a personal athlete, then don’t forget to warm your body before start practicing your daily game plan. Maintain your weight according to your BMI, so there will less pressure on your joints